Don't miss out on this Returning UMA Family Event!
Below you will find a Google Maps Link for  the event location and terms and conditions. No pre registration is required! Just come and enjoy the holiday weekend.
UMA Terms and Conditions

UMA conducts Adventure Events designed for the enjoyment of the entire group. This event is designed to provide a location to camp and allow access to fishing and riding.  These activities are expected to be done in a safe and fun manner.  These are, however, activities where injuries and breakdowns may and do occur. At any time you observe any unusual or unnecessary hazards during you participation, bring such to the attention of the nearest UMA crew member as soon as practical and LEAVE THE AREA. UMA does not want you to feel you have to continue an event you believe is not safe.

UMA has thought of just about everything when it comes to your Adventure, however, sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve and we have to adapt.  UMA cannot control the weather, forest fires, flooding or blockages of a route.  In a rare instance, UMA may even be required to reschedule an Adventure to another date to rectify the problem. UMA will attempt to notify you at least 48 hours prior to rescheduling the event but this cannot always be done.  UMA events are generally in remote locations and sometimes UMA personnel are unaware of these problems until the last moment. UMA apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but please understand we are just as disappointed as you are.

UMA is not your mother, however, unsafe activities and actions will be brought to your attention and you will be asked to correct your actions for the safety of the group. Use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited by UMA. If you are found to have been using illegal drugs you will be asked to leave the camping area.  UMA will not refund money to somebody so irresponsible as to endanger themselves, as well as, the people around them.

Even during this time of year the fire danger can generally be EXTREME and the USFS may place severe fire restrictions on the area.  Under these restrictions your bike is required to have a spark arrestor and smoking is prohibited outside of an enclosed vehicle. UMA will not be your conscious but we do not want our riding area burnt up. Please adhere to these restrictions.

The higher elevations could still have heavy snow coverage from the heavy snow totals and the late storms this year..  Access to those higher elevations could be restricted due to the the snow.

It is recommended your bike be stickered and equipped for riding in California even though you are camping in Nevada. At some point during the weekend you will more than likely enter California and could be subject to California laws.

If you wish to pre pay, payment may be made by PayPal or mail before May 15th, 2011.  Payment may also be made at the time you check in.

"Mild to Wild you decide"
MAY 28, 29 & 30, 2011
$65.00 per campsite*
Check in will begin at 3:00 PM, at the ranch/camping area, on Friday June 27th.  The campsites are first come first serve unless you have requested to be near other campers in advance. Larger groups are asked to make their wishes known by May 15th 2011, by pre registering. UMA will make every effort to keep your group together but this is not guaranteed.
Special notice:
The Sceirine Ranch is an active working cattle ranch. As such please expect the usual activities and  ambiance associated with cattle ranching.

All campsites are dry, no potable water is available at the campsites.

UMA is providing a campsite, fishing and riding access, portable toilets and a bond fire at the ranch for your enjoyment. Recreational riding and fishing will not be allowed on the ranch itself. Riding to and from the fishing and riding areas is acceptable but due to liability, riding around your campsite or upon the ranch can not be allowed.  Fishing licenses are required in Nevada for anyone 12 and over. Nevada and California fishing is less than a quarter of a mile from your campsite.
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