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Okay, here's the deal, as promised last year at WOW you are being invited to a very limited size event with the UMA crew because you replied to our request of providing feedback about WOW 2019. This is an event over a year in planning and is an opportunity for those who have ridden UMAs motorcycle trips to share the experience with your significant other.

The size of the group is going to be 20 side by side UTVs for a ride from Wellington Nv to Mammoth Lakes Ca which is 120 miles one way. Each side by side is considered 1 participant, so if you have a 4 seater you are paying for one place in the ride but you will be sharing a double queen room and there are only 5, I repeat, 5 double queen rooms. UMA has made room reservations at the Shilo Inn at Mammoth Lakes because of its ease to access, secured parking, and proximity to services.

So, you ask, when is this great adventure going to occur? Well, Oktoberfest is celebrated  in September and in 2020 it is the 18th, 19th and 20th.  We will be leaving Wellington on Friday then18th and returning on Sunday the 20th

Anticipating your next question, how much is this going to cost?  Since this is a special trip and not a regular planned event we are keeping the price down to $575.00 per side by side.  This price includes your room, a fuel/luggage transport truck with crew, Breakfast Friday morning, lunch at the pre planned fuel stop, beverages of UMAs choosing and a surprise gift from UMA. 

You will be responsible for all your meals in Mammoth Lakes and your entertainment.  UMA staff will be on hand all weekend to provide directions for trail riding on your own on Sunday and will give you tips in finding things to do in the Mammoth Lakes area.

There are a couple of minor requirements you will need to fulfil to attend this event.  1st you will need to register and pay, 2nd you will need the ability to have and use a GPS map which will be provided to you by UMA.  If this is an issue UMA can and will later down the road, provide you with a phone App that can have the map shared with it. This event WILL NOT BE FLAGGED.  3rd you will need to be registered and paid for by June 1st 2020.  After June 1st UMA is going to expand the invitation to fill the unused spots.

Now that you know the plan you next need to get registered and paid up to secure your spot.  Being as this is a special event your registration is not complete until you pay.  Follow the registration link and get the process going.